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Operation Eagle Claw and Darack Research Systems GenesisA detailed examination of the 1980 mission revealed an operational element that would serve as the basis for a lineage of successfully-demonstrated Darack Research unmanned systems and capabilities. This article illustrates how studying events of the past, in detail, may engender and synergize the development of systems that may have tremendous implications for the future.     

Immediate Battlespace UAS Published in the November, 2014 issue of the Marine Corps Gazette, authored by Darack Research founder Ed Darack. This forward-looking article outlines a number of unmanned systems capabilities that Darack Research has now innovated and tested, and has stood as the foundation for a number of others. The concept outlined in the Marine Corps Gazette article began with a project for the Smithsonian Institute's Air & Space magazine, also written by Darack Research founder Ed Darack. 

UAS Employment in the Nagorno-Karabakh War Detailed study by Darack Research founder Ed Darack of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) employment at the tactical and operational levels in a recent conflict in a complex, compartmented battlespace, and using this as a basis to model training at the Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center, and this model's implications for Joint Force evolution within the guidance of current National Defense Strategy outlook.

List of works published by Ed Darack related to the development of Darack Research systems.

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Darack Research Small Unmanned Multi-Domain System ("SUMIDS") Concept Paper


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